Thursday, May 14, 2009


Your blooming makes a nasty lawn,
Seems like heaven.
Your dancing takes our breaths away.
Majestic is your look, mind boggling!
You neither did any shows, nor did you sing.
But famous is your personality?
Happy are you always. But poor is your fate.
‘Cause you are unlucky to see the dusk.
Beauties on earth should kneel before you.
Me think, God gave you boons,
For being beautiful always.
Lawns pray, to have you within them.
What is the secret behind your beauty?
You make man’s worries fly off.
The artists paint brushes hung in shame,
As they are unable to portrait your entire beauty.
Stones fight among themselves to reach
The sculptor’s hands, as soon as he decided,
To carve you on a stone.
The days given to you by Him, to live
In this universe is, just few.
But, you part from us only passing away
Awesome fragrance.
It seems, you say “Hey man, live like me,
By passing fragrance to all in the
Short span of your life time.”
Why did He create you as a robber?
As you steal the hearts of humans.
- Sujisha.N

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