Monday, May 11, 2009



Swords cut as much as heads it can;
Bullets pierce the fleshy hearts;
Grenades ruins the fertility of the soil;
Riffles aim, indeed, has no age bar;
When it comes, to the name of RELIGION.
Fell on the grounds arent cats or rats, but humans;
Unfortunate for becoming the scape goats
Under the religious butcher mans hands.
Hey Ram!!!
Ya Allah!!!
Oh Jesus!!!
Where are you all?
Invisible, yet so powerful enough,
To make people fight for you.
Might be people wrongly understood
The meaning of God is Love for
They believe My God is Love and other Gods are devils.
Cast I a question before you.
What is your caste or religion?
Answer comes only after reference;
Referring to their parents religion.
Years passed, centuries passed,
Yet civilization has never touched this field;
And the field will never get civilized,
Unless we are aware of the truth that
A Christian is not the greatest;
A Muslim is not the greatest;
A Hindu is not the greatest;
Its the Hindu, Islam, Christianity
Philosophies which gains the greatness
Hey Big Butcher!!!
Never attempt to throw a net called religion
Upon my young brothers and sisters,
And mislead their paths for dancing
As dolls in your dirty hands.
For just making profit out of religion.
Beware, we have awoke!!!
Still your digestion of foods is
Impossible without smelling the bloods of innocents,
Then united we stand, unarmed.
Shoot as much as youths you can,
Till you hate the smell of blood.
Not because we are cowards to stand
Before you to take our lives away,
But because
We are the children of God;
The same invisible God,
Who has now born again in our hearts,
To wash out your dirty game of
Terrorism in the name of Religion.


III Biomedical Instrumentation Engg

Avinashilingam University For Women

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