Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Stay fit-mentally
Stay fit mentally and if a 21 year old gal like me, tell this line; it will be the most ridiculous thing in this world. Yes, it is the age when we think fitness is all about keeping our body fit and we dare to care what mental fitness is all about. We work out day and night, go to gym, maintain diets, what not. But are we really fit???
Physically we must have shaped our body. But mentally??? It’s always busy, far out of our reach. A co-ordination between the mind and body is very much lacking in this wonderful or so called healthy age.
You may be thinking, “Oh guys I got it; she’s gona tell about yoga, meditation stuffs like that.” ….Absolutely not!!! I don’t know anything about those stuffs. I admit very frankly. Then what???Yeah come on guys follow me….
Mental fitness is all about co-ordination between mind and body. If you are aware of the surrounding and aware of what you are doing then you are mentally fit….
Let me tell some examples…When you are angry, you want to show how much you hate that situation, there loses your mental co-ordination. Hands and mouth does something else which your mind never wished or wanted to do so. Our mouth shouts out words which comes as a sphere and hit others sentiments. Our hands sometimes tempt to break things. But after that???
It’s highly difficult to control one’s anger, definitely I can’t. But we can control the virulence of our anger. A simple thing I do is just count the numbers backwards from 100 to 1, by the time you stop counting, the situation must have slowed down its tides. A simple experience anybody can do, to avoid a turmoil situation.
Then another situation where co-ordination between mind and body completely loses is when you hear to boring lectures or forced to sit in a seminar in office or college. Mind flies away from us. Sorry guys no medicine for this disease. Allow it to fly and let it come back after the damn boring program is over.
A very crazy thing about our mind is when we are sad, mind gets more concentrated into it, we think of that sad incident, weep, weep, and keep on weeping. Here also the co-ordination between mind and body gets damaged. But here it’s a different story, here body refuses to do any work instead it focuses on that issue and makes things bigger and bigger for the little heart to bear.
When we are completely happy our mind will lose its track. When we are with our friends, cracking jokes, commenting on gals, boys, enjoying nature, fun, we will certainly loose our mind. But it’s a wonderful thing to lose our mind like that when we are extremely happy. It’s a sort of not co-ordination problem but it’s a kind of relaxation to our mind.
Then the situation where you lose control of your mind and body is definitely when you do sex. Here leave your mind to be happy and don’t think about yourself or fear if your partner may think wrong about you. If so, you may not enjoy its fruitfulness. But make sure that you are not doing anything wrong, going against your inner consciousness. If so, then be prepared, people will definitely break your bones. You should always have self control over it and not to spoil anybody’s life.
Well, that’s it guys, I shared something about this mental fitness and hope you enjoyed. See you soon as good mind co-ordinate gals and guys.

regards Sujisha Nandakumar