Monday, May 25, 2009



Oh mother, dear mother,
Happy are we on you,
Dancing, juggling, and living together.
Happy are the greens on you,
Waving, giving shades and fruits.
Happy are the cattle on you,
Drinking, chewing and sleeping.
For some, time fails to shower happiness.
Quake followed by heavy winds and rain
Changed their lifestyle and
Made them to part from their members.
Dancing may sometime lead to tell a mourned story.
Juggling may pay way for struggling.
There’s only remembrance of “lived together”.
Greens fail to give shade and fruits
As they are no more.
A sleep for the cattle have lost
As they drain in rain.
Yes mother. It’s you, who is responsible for these.
Tell us with no hesitation, who disturbed your sleep?
She only answered “You my children”.
The answer was all enough.
Selfish man forgets mother,
Drilling a feet is far less, for a hundred.
The cries of trees are hardly listen by man.
For he dare not care to slice them into pieces.
The morning mist dies of instantly when it
Happens to see the smoke out of factories.
The companies with the factories smoke
Spoiled the nature of ‘dear air’.
Is a ‘sorry’ enough for what we had done to you?
But she is very much satisfied with it.
The most patient mother forgives her children
And goes to sleep again.
Believing a change in minds of sons
Would soon happen.


Thursday, May 14, 2009



On a winter afternoon, fever the most common disease stretched its wide hands on the homemaker and there she was on the cot under the fan switched off. Then come the charming children from school. They cried “Mom we are so hungry; what have you prepared?”
They find mom lying on the cot with a piece of white cotton cloth on her forehead. Hungry lads had to satisfy with Maries on the shelf. Before dusk, comes the family’s head, cursing his tie which holds tightly to his collars.
After relaxing himself on sofa, searches for his wife. She keeps her feet on the floor, defeating her tiredness. She would have fallen if the hands of her husband wouldn’t have held her tightly. He then puts her back in position on the bed.
The doctor arrives soon after the family’s head pressed his fore finger on the telephone button. A hundred and two degree fever would only cause body pain and tiredness, but worry is of no necessity was the doctor’s answer. He leaves with a list of prescribed antibiotics and a necessary of complete rest for two days.
That night its father’s turn to show his cooking talents. With an incredible knowledge on software and least experience in cooking, he tries his odd hands at cooking. The dinner is ready with the help of freshly prepared dough inside the fridge. The hungry children is served first and then to ‘Puppy’ the pet dog. Third the idly is served to the mother.
She ate an idly and looked very pitifully at her husband and said “An idly without salt is no taste to eat”. Only then he realized that he forgot to add salt in the dough. He goes back to the children, but finds them fast asleep with each having eaten a single idly, keeping the rest for their father. Even the greedy dog which eats whatever is served did no touch father’s dish.
The next morning mom seems very fine. The father praises the doctor for giving good antibiotics. The mother replies “A night’s dinner is all enough to get up from bed. Let the children go to school with good breakfast".

- Sujisha.N



Wrapping his little girl child in the hands;
Sitting beside his beloved wife in the hospital room;
With countable sum of money in his pockets;
The great man said “My princess is born.”
The word responsibility was unfamiliar to him till that moment.
But from then on he became an example for it.
Working day and night seemed tiresome to him,
When pictured his little daughter’s face; everything vanished.
For he wanted to make his daughter,
The real princess of tomorrow.
Just as an ant saving grains;
He saved each penny of his earning.
Yet lavish enough to fulfill his daughter’s needs.
Poor man carries a bundle of love for his dear ones,
But doesn’t know to express it.
No matter the distance he travel for works,
His heart always pounds for his family.
When his heart flashes the picture of
His lovable wife and his charming kids
He tries to bring down even the stars for them.
Beholding the post of the family’s head,
He sometimes shows proud ness.
But, it’s not true.
He is worse than a kid in his childishness.
But never shows that off.
To know about him,
One should hunt deep inside his heart.
He is actually a treasure of love.
He protects his family as a great wall,
Having all strengths to face any problems,
He moves on and on, till he disappears.
He is “God himself in human form as our loving dad.”



Your blooming makes a nasty lawn,
Seems like heaven.
Your dancing takes our breaths away.
Majestic is your look, mind boggling!
You neither did any shows, nor did you sing.
But famous is your personality?
Happy are you always. But poor is your fate.
‘Cause you are unlucky to see the dusk.
Beauties on earth should kneel before you.
Me think, God gave you boons,
For being beautiful always.
Lawns pray, to have you within them.
What is the secret behind your beauty?
You make man’s worries fly off.
The artists paint brushes hung in shame,
As they are unable to portrait your entire beauty.
Stones fight among themselves to reach
The sculptor’s hands, as soon as he decided,
To carve you on a stone.
The days given to you by Him, to live
In this universe is, just few.
But, you part from us only passing away
Awesome fragrance.
It seems, you say “Hey man, live like me,
By passing fragrance to all in the
Short span of your life time.”
Why did He create you as a robber?
As you steal the hearts of humans.
- Sujisha.N

Monday, May 11, 2009



Swords cut as much as heads it can;
Bullets pierce the fleshy hearts;
Grenades ruins the fertility of the soil;
Riffles aim, indeed, has no age bar;
When it comes, to the name of RELIGION.
Fell on the grounds arent cats or rats, but humans;
Unfortunate for becoming the scape goats
Under the religious butcher mans hands.
Hey Ram!!!
Ya Allah!!!
Oh Jesus!!!
Where are you all?
Invisible, yet so powerful enough,
To make people fight for you.
Might be people wrongly understood
The meaning of God is Love for
They believe My God is Love and other Gods are devils.
Cast I a question before you.
What is your caste or religion?
Answer comes only after reference;
Referring to their parents religion.
Years passed, centuries passed,
Yet civilization has never touched this field;
And the field will never get civilized,
Unless we are aware of the truth that
A Christian is not the greatest;
A Muslim is not the greatest;
A Hindu is not the greatest;
Its the Hindu, Islam, Christianity
Philosophies which gains the greatness
Hey Big Butcher!!!
Never attempt to throw a net called religion
Upon my young brothers and sisters,
And mislead their paths for dancing
As dolls in your dirty hands.
For just making profit out of religion.
Beware, we have awoke!!!
Still your digestion of foods is
Impossible without smelling the bloods of innocents,
Then united we stand, unarmed.
Shoot as much as youths you can,
Till you hate the smell of blood.
Not because we are cowards to stand
Before you to take our lives away,
But because
We are the children of God;
The same invisible God,
Who has now born again in our hearts,
To wash out your dirty game of
Terrorism in the name of Religion.


III Biomedical Instrumentation Engg

Avinashilingam University For Women



The corporate world is a football ground.

The aim of everyone is to strike a goal.

The ground seems big from outside,

But when you start your play,

It’s just few yards of your reach.

The ball is the opportunity.

Make use of it whenever it comes to you.

Your team is the true people

Or the team around you, to help you.

Never envy them; keep them close.

Your coach is none other than your

Boss and your philosophers.

Respect them and always keep in mind

The game that they taught you.

The game of striving in corporate world.

The opponent team is the competitive world.

Never loose confidence before them,

Also never under estimate their talents.

The goal keepers are the hurdles.

They will always be present,

To block your goals.

Either strike the ball with your strengths,

Or so called your academic excellence.

If not, take up the route of

Strategic thinking to strike your goal.

Whatever may be the route,

Make sure that you don’t go against

The rules of the game.

On the other hand, make sure that

You are striking your goals.

‘Cause only a goal-striker can

Become hero of the game.

Otherwise you should be one among the crowd

To get autographs of the achievers.

Only practice can make a perfect player.

So to excel in this game,

“Train yourself”.

- Sujisha.N