Monday, May 11, 2009



The corporate world is a football ground.

The aim of everyone is to strike a goal.

The ground seems big from outside,

But when you start your play,

It’s just few yards of your reach.

The ball is the opportunity.

Make use of it whenever it comes to you.

Your team is the true people

Or the team around you, to help you.

Never envy them; keep them close.

Your coach is none other than your

Boss and your philosophers.

Respect them and always keep in mind

The game that they taught you.

The game of striving in corporate world.

The opponent team is the competitive world.

Never loose confidence before them,

Also never under estimate their talents.

The goal keepers are the hurdles.

They will always be present,

To block your goals.

Either strike the ball with your strengths,

Or so called your academic excellence.

If not, take up the route of

Strategic thinking to strike your goal.

Whatever may be the route,

Make sure that you don’t go against

The rules of the game.

On the other hand, make sure that

You are striking your goals.

‘Cause only a goal-striker can

Become hero of the game.

Otherwise you should be one among the crowd

To get autographs of the achievers.

Only practice can make a perfect player.

So to excel in this game,

“Train yourself”.

- Sujisha.N


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  2. thank u manoj..actually i had a tough time in finding out what's there in fathers minds...its difficult 2 find out what's there in men's write about mom i felt easy but when i was writing about dad, ooof took long time...