Monday, September 6, 2010

Cry of an unborn child

In a wonderland,
With enormous amount of water,
A rope which helps me to float
With my small legs and hands
Am playing.

My world is dark,
But I can see things around me.
None to disturb,
Am enjoying.
But that happiness didn't last for long. Until-

My mother saw me in scan
And cried "unwanted baby".
I couldn't see my mom crying.
I shouted " I will make you happy mom"
Let me live with you.

But she couldn't hear my voice.
Sometimes later,
Knives sharper than swords
Came and hit me.
I cried "Mom its paining, I can't bear it"

But a knife struck my throat
And I couldn't cry further.
I closed my eyes.
I heard voices saying
"We have terminated your child"

But I still live there,
With no body and only soul,
As an unborn child.

- Sujisha.N
Wipro GE healthcare