Sunday, January 24, 2010



Life is simple
Unless we make it complicated.

We can aim to become perfectionalist but,
Can never be perfect.

Make mistakes and learn from it,
Is the theory of life.

Never let yourself down for doing mistakes,
Time will cure it.

Try to be a human always,
Rather than positionalist.

Make others happy by sacrificing your happiness,
Tones and tones of happiness will flow towards you.

Set a goal for yourself,
Work hard to achieve it.

Maintain a smooth relationship with all,
Life will be joyful.

When you are facing hardest situation of life, remember
“This moment is not permanent in life”

Never let down your standard,
Life graph should always be a rising curve.

Family should be given more preference
After all, we want to love and be loved by someone.

The best partner of oneself should be their life partner.
If not, strive to make it.

Silence is the best medicine when you are in anger,
Take it, when you need it the most.

Never let yourself down.

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