Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Younger generation, the vibrant, budding phase of human life is captive enough to reproduce innovations to even the atomic level of a thing. The youths of today are capable enough to look into a matter in a different perspective. They are also flexible enough to adapt themselves to any kind of turmoil situations.
In space crafts, robotics, computers, automobile, bikes, mobile phones to even the art of making life awesome is very well known by the younger generation of today. They seems to be lacking in responsibilities when one just blindly sees their playful nature from outside, but if traveled in depths through their minds, one would find that each one of today’s generation has a clear cut idea about their future plans and their strengths.
This generation opts for strategic working rather than hardworking. They work upon the policy of ‘solution for their works in a short route’, which itself is a sign of growth not through the age old track of hardworking but through smart working. Even before the father starts to operate his new mobile phone, the son would ‘ve finished studying even about the embedded chips installed in it.
Friendship between boys and girls was not much appreciable by public few years before. But young generation of today has created a change in that thinking by their broad mindedness to ignore gender in friendship and focuses on objective of working together in groups irrespective of gender rather than restricting themselves to a small circle comprising of only boys or only girls.
This nature of today’s generation could be easily mistaken by people who don’t posses the same frequency as that of youths. One thing is very clear, the younger generation of today knows what they are doing and is smart enough to segregate right and wrong. Just as a swan, they pick up only the right pearls for their prosperity. They might at times, have slips, but they will never let themselves for a downfall.

Though they have innovative ideas, broad mindedness, strategic working, flexibilities, knowledge and skills , a botherization to preserve the culture of our nation is lacking in today’s younger generation. Handshakes and ‘Hi’ have replaced our tradition of greeting by joining hands to say ‘Vanakkam’.
This generation encourages nuclear family rather than joint family system because they doesn’t want to take the risk of facing family problems which sometimes occurs due to their aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters in their busy scheduled life. But the fruitfulness of joint family lies in the fact that if one brother in a family is not flourishing well, the Big brother can extend a supporting hand, thus maintaining the economy of the family, stable all time. This system is definitely the product of our ancestral brains.
While running behind wealth and prosperity younger generation of today dare to care the life sustaining field; which is nothing but agriculture. And this is certainly because, patience is lacking in the youths. A farmer sows seeds and waits for months or even years patiently to get the output yield. While the younger generation works on micro and nano seconds outputs for the inputs given to their PC.
Thus concluding telling so, “The younger generation is talented enough to aim for stars but should be careful in not letting the soil under their feet to drain off; that is , while aiming for modernization and prosperity the youths of today shouldn’t forget to preserve the rich culture of our ‘Mother India’”



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